G4 Technologies Limited working keenly closer to the challenge as a one point solution provider in information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Bangladesh .The Company provides small medium and enterprise IT solution for private sector, corporate sector and Government work flow in Bangladesh. We have a large scale of global and local partner for maintain & satisfaction of our client. Supply chain and distribution policy level-headed G4 Technologies Limited world class vendor recognition. We feel proud to serve our valued customers. G4TL has started upgrading its existence man power with internationally recognized certifications in every sector of its operation and in some special cases acquired more experienced and professional people with excellent customer service support in mind. We are proud to announce that our company has its possession the best computer engineers and most dynamic sales squad in our country concerning educational background and experience. Having adequate expertise, the company has earned the capability of serve the local need of IT with proper support & maintenance services. These made us one of the leading ICT Solution provider Company in the country.