Surveillance Solution

G4 Technologies LTD. is dedicated to the design, implementation and support of IP & Analog camera based video surveillance solutions. G4 Technologies LTD. provides products that range from simple, web enabled, residential video systems to the most complex, fully integrated, video LAN/WAN Infrastructure. G4 Technologies LTD.offer a myriad of useful features and capabilities that provide dramatic benefits to those who would find remote visual monitoring and recording useful. G4 Technologies LTD. Video Solutions has selected and developed a combination of computers, software and IP Network video technologies to deliver what has become arguably the most flexible and full featured video surveillance systems that the industry has to offer. Most notably is our ability to record video based on motion triggered event analysis saving both hard disk space as well as time when reviewing recordings at a later date.

G4 Technologies LTD. Is also dedicated to the design, implementation and support of Access Control. For all organizations it is essential that the right people have the right access to your premises. Whether your organization is small or large we can provide a door access control solution for commercial businesses, public sector, educational organizations and G4 Technologies LTD. software and hardware solutions will monitor the locations of all individuals within your buildings providing a full audit trail, you can control what people are given access to and you can ensure access is granted to the correct individual or group at the right time.